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Space Strategy for Canada

Canadian CubeSat Project

To equip young Canadians with the skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow, the CSA provided grants of $200,000 each to 15 teams of post-secondary students from each province and territory to design, build and operate their own CubeSat. These miniature satellites will be launched into orbit from the International Space Station in and and will be operated by their teams for up to 12 months. This unique, hands-on experience has enabled students to acquire expertise in areas ranging from science, to engineering, to communicating their work with the public, as well as develop skills to work in the global innovation economy.

Moving Forward

Canada has a long and proud history of innovation and leadership in space. We were among the first to enter the space age and have maintained a global reputation for technological excellence and ingenuity. We have produced some of the world’s most advanced space hardware, and our technological capabilities continue to set us apart from the world.

Through the Innovation and Skills Plan, Canada is taking steps to grow the economy, which in turn, results in good, well-paying jobs for the middle class and benefits to Canadians. The space sector is well placed to help us further this commitment. Indeed, the activities outlined here will help bring high-value jobs to Canada, foster innovation in one of the most R&D-intensive sectors of the Canadian economy, and help build the workforce of tomorrow.

This Strategy will help unlock the full potential of the space sector and respond to the realities of the new and evolving space environment. It will provide a vision for building the skills and capabilities needed to excel in space, including by inspiring a new generation of Canadians; supporting scientific research, technology development and commercialization; and enabling firms to invest and scale up.

Our more than 60-year history as a spacefaring nation has been driven by the talent, creativity and determination of Canadians. These values will remain at the core of our vision for the next 60 years and beyond. A renewed focus and vision will help ensure that the wonders of space can continue to inspire curiosity, spark passion and launch imagination in generations of Canadians to come.

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