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Space Strategy for Canada

Telesat LEO

Canadian satellite communications leader Telesat is planning to launch a global constellation of LEO satellites which will develop new technological solutions providing access to high-speed broadband Internet globally, including rural and remote areas of Canada.

Delivering the Vision – Canada's Space Strategy (continued)

3 Harness space to solve everyday
challenges for Canadians

Space is a strategic national asset which underpins everything from our national security to our ability to connect Canadians living in rural and remote communities. Canada will leverage space to make life better for Canadians from coast to coast to coast by:

  1. Connecting Canadians everywhere: In , the Government announced $100 million over five years under the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) to invest in projects that relate to the development of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that support broadband connectivity. These investments have the potential to connect more Canadians than ever before, including in rural and remote areas, to next-generation high-speed networks. As a result of these investments, Canadian industry will be positioned as a leader in this field and poised to capture promising economic, public and innovation benefits.
  2. Enhancing security and sovereignty: Space is essential to our ability to monitor our landmass and secure our borders. It is essential that the space assets used to enable these services remain reliable and secure. To confront emerging threats, deliver new capabilities and ensure mission resiliency, Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, lays out stable long-term funding for a range of space projects including enhanced space situational awareness, EO and satellite communications. In addition, Canada will work with like-minded states to help shape emerging global norms of responsible behaviour to further promote the peaceful exploration and use of space.

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