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Space Strategy for Canada

Delivering the Vision – Canada's Space Strategy (continued)


5 Ensure Canada's leadership in acquiring and using space-based data to support science excellence, innovation and economic growth (continued)

  1. Supporting excellence in data analytics: Through open data policies and investments in infrastructure needed to process, analyze and distribute data, Canada will ensure that industry, government and Canadian researchers have enhanced access to the vast amounts of space-generated data we receive from space assets. The Government's manner of facilitating access to space data and support for related R&D will be modernized, to help Canadian firms turn these data sets into innovative new applications that can generate important economic benefits.
  2. Supporting space science to study Earth and beyond: Space provides a unique perspective for space scientists to observe our planet, the health of our ecosystems and how our planet interacts with the Sun (e.g. space weather), and to learn more about our solar system and the universe we inhabit. The Government is improving its approach to selecting science missions by forging inclusive partnerships with the science community within and outside government to help collectively determine Canada's next slate of science missions. This new approach will ensure that resources are deployed to the highest priority scientific questions and issues. The Government will also explore innovative business models and partnership to deliver on those science missions and activities.

ISED digital and data consultations

In , the Government launched consultations led by digital innovation leaders who engaged with Canadians, including businesses, academia, innovators and entrepreneurs, in cities across the country and online to seek their views on how Canada should position itself to take advantage of the new data economy. Those consultations enabled us to better understand how we can help drive innovation and prepare Canadians for the future of work, all while ensuring they have trust and confidence in how their data are used. These lessons learned will assist us as we continue to support excellence in space-based data analytics.

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