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Space Strategy for Canada

Message from the Minister

The Honourable Navdeep Singh Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

As the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, I am pleased to present Canada's Space Strategy. Canada has a long and proud history of leadership in space science and technology. We were among the first to enter the space age and have maintained a global reputation for scientific and technological excellence and ingenuity.

Nearly every aspect of our daily lives is touched and made better by space innovation. Canadian scientists and firms are reshaping the way space is being explored and utilized. It has been estimated that the global space economy will triple in size over the next 20 years. This growth will be driven by a radical shift in the sector, whereby commercial firms are investing heavily in and benefitting significantly from their own space activities. They are launching mega-constellations of telecommunications satellites, finding new innovative applications for space-based technologies, and even carrying out their own exploration missions. This shift means that space will play a central role in the new digital economy, and in developing and supporting emerging technologies.

Through the Innovation and Skills Plan, Canada has committed to growing the economy through good, well-paying jobs for the middle class and ensuring that the benefits of a more innovative society are shared among all Canadians. By investing in this exceptionally innovative sector, we are improving quality of life across our country, and creating the jobs of the future here at home.

We are also focused on using space to improve the lives of Canadians by leading and collaborating on science activities, including on the International Space Station (ISS). In fact, since the inception of the ISS program, Canada has contributed to 60 science and health-related experiments. This research continues to advance our understanding of the aging process, improve chronic care and rehabilitation approaches, and advance radiation technology for precision cancer therapy.

The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of space as a strategic national asset, and since  has committed to new investments worth over $2.6 billion to ensure the vitality of Canada's space sector and that Canadians can benefit from advances in space-based technology. All this has helped grow our space sector and enabled our scientists to take part in missions of discovery about Earth, our solar system and the universe. We are showcasing Canadian innovation and know-how and creating well-paying middle-class jobs.

Today, the challenges we face on Earth, alongside the opportunities that the rapidly evolving space industry and advances in space science provide, demand that Canada again make strategic and visionary commitments to leverage space to maximize benefit for Canadians. Building on our proud history, we are now planning a bright future for Canada's space program.

The Government is committed to helping unlock the full potential of the space sector and respond to the realities of the new and evolving space environment. We will double down on our commitment to equip our youth to excel in the jobs of the future; to support scientific research, technology development and commercialization; and to enable firms to access investment and scale up.

The Honourable Navdeep Singh Bains
Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

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