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Wanted: Creative Writers

Congratulations to the winning authors!

About the activity

Canadians across the country are invited to write an out-of-this-world space-themed children's story and submit it to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). A selection of stories will be published on the CSA website and could be read by David Saint-Jacques from aboard the International Space Station.

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Who can participate?

Canadians over 9 years old are invited to submit a story.

David Saint-Jacques invites Canadians to participate in the Wanted: Creative Writers contest. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)



9-12 age category

Green and Red
Chloé Jones
Victoria, British Columbia

Pluto the Dwarf Planet
Sarah Al Fahed
Kitchener, Ontario

13-15 age category

King of the Sky
Ariane Laroche
Sherbrooke, Quebec

Space Day!
Fumairia Laureijs
Amherst, Nova Scotia

16+ age category

When you've got to go...
Guillaume Labbé
Gatineau, Quebec

The Lion Heart
Laura Clow
Ottawa, Ontario

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