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Mission activities

David Saint-Jacques' mission: Events, challenges, contests and fun activities to do at home or in class.


In progress
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Exploring Earth

In progress

Discover this interactive Web-based activity using photos taken by David from space!

The Explorers Club

In progress

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world story time? The Canadian Space Agency is inviting children on the spaciest adventure of their life with The Explorers Club!

Health in Space: Daring to Explore

In progress

Discover the new exhibition on space and health at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Mission: Astronaut

In progress

Discover what living and working on the International Space Station (ISS) is like through a new space-themed game.

Living Space

In progress

Learn analytical thinking as well as digital and coding skills while exploring how our surrounding environment affects our well-being, whether in a classroom or on the Space Station.

Where in the world is David?


Bring 2D David with you across Canada and all over the world! Take a picture with our 2D astronaut and share it on social media.

Radi-N2 and You


While David measures radiation levels aboard the ISS, classrooms across Canada can do the same on Earth.

Astro Pi challenge


Develop your own code and it may run on the Space Station! Two different complexity levels make Astro Pi accessible to students with or without coding experience.

Contest: Bring space to your school!


Want your classroom to chat with David Saint-Jacques while he's on the Space Station? Canadian schools will be able to enter to win this unique opportunity.

Science Literacy Week


Celebrate space and science during Science Literacy Week .

Host a launch party!


10…9…8…Countdown to launch with the CSA through a virtual event.

Wanted: Creative Writers


Write an out-of-this-world bedtime story. A selection of submissions will be published on the CSA's website and could be read by David Saint-Jacques from aboard the ISS!

Little Inventors


Come up with ingenious ideas to make life in space easier and more fun. The top inventions will be turned into prototypes by expert makers and artisans. Two will even make an appearance in space!

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