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Astronauts, astronomy, Moon and Mars exploration, satellites, science, technology, robotic, the benefits of space exploration, and Canada's role in sustainable space activities.



Being an astronaut, how to become an astronaut, Canadian astronauts, space missions, living in space.


Learn the basics, get some tips and tricks, discover space telescopes, and the solar system.

Deep space exploration

Moon and Mars exploration, the Lunar Gateway, Canada's role, Canadarm3, the future of space exploration.


Satellites in our everyday lives: Earth observation communications, science and spacecraft.


CubeSats, food production, the northern lights, stratospheric balloons.


List of Canadian technologies being tested in space and other innovations.


Canadian robotics, their benefits on Earth, the Robotics Training and Mission Control Centres.

Benefits of space exploration

Examples of how innovations stemming from space science and technology enhance our daily lives.

Space sustainability

What is space sustainability, Canada's role in sustainable space activities, background information and framework report on future space exploration activities, and how Canada helps mitigate the risks posed by space debris.


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