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Astronomy, the northern lights, food production, stratospheric balloons, CubeSats, science satellites and news.



Tips for amateur astronomers, the solar system, space telescopes, photos and videos.

The northern lights

AuroraMAX Observatory, viewing and photographing auroras, solar activity, photos and videos.

Science News

What's new with Canadian science.

Health in space

Health Beyond, technologies and science, funding opportunities and news.

Deep-space exploration

Moon and Mars exploration.

Food production

Producing healthy food in space, the Naurvik project in Nunavut, eating in space, and agriculture in the satellite age.

Solar-terrestrial science

Space weather, research projects, satellites and instruments.

Atmospheric science

Studying the atmosphere, research projects, satellites and instruments.

Canadian CubeSat Project

About the project, about CubeSats, selected teams, useful information for media.

Stratospheric balloons

Stratospheric balloons and flights, program description, campaigns, launch base, and opportunities.

Life in space

Space medicine, Canadian space experiments.

Science on the Space Station

Why we do science on the Station, and past, current and future Canadian experiments.

Science satellites and spacecraft

Canadian and international satellites and spacecraft, Canadian instruments and collaboration.

Aqualunar Challenge

A challenge to develop new technologies to purify Moon water.

Science in weightlessness

How to overcome gravity, science experiments.

Funding programs and opportunities

Programs, contracts, contributions and grants.


Image gallery, video gallery, social media, webcasts and podcasts.

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