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Northern lights

Information about auroras, AuroraMAX observatory, tips on how to view and photograph auroras, photos and videos.


What are the northern lights?

Information about auroras and the role of the Sun in their formation.

The colours of the northern lights

Factors that determine the different colours of the aurora.

AuroraMAX observatory

Online observatory to watch Canada's northern lights in high definition, either in real time or on video.

Aurora viewing tips

Some tips on how to view the northern lights in person or even from the comfort of your home.

Photographing the aurora

Recommended equipment and settings to take great photos of the northern lights.

Studying the aurora in Canada

Canadian research on the ionosphere, the magnetosphere and the processes of space weather.


Auroras photographed with the cameras of the AuroraMAX observatory.

Northern lights Videos

Video archives of the northern lights, including videos captured by the AuroraMAX observatory.

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