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Food production

Growing healthy food in space, the Naurvik project in Nunavut, eating in space and agriculture in the satellite age.


Growing healthy food in space and in remote areas

Learning how to grow healthy food in harsh environments, both in space and on Earth.

Naurvik project in Nunavut

Background, objectives, timeline and research team of the community-led hydroponic food production system.

Deep Space Food Challenge

About the challenge, who can participate, how to participate in the competition to develop new ways of producing food.

Eating in space

On the menu in orbit, preparing and seasoning meals in space, food conservation, taste in microgravity.

Agriculture in the satellite age

Satellites that provide farmers with data, how data from space helps farmers, space agriculture.

Space to Spoon

Travelling exhibition about how satellite data is used in agriculture.

Food production Photos

Photos of space food and food production.

Food production Videos

Videos about space food and food production.

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