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The Canadian Space Agency's blog, images, videos, podcasts, webcasts, social media and library.



Listen to podcasts from Robert Thirsk, Dave Williams and on the Phoenix lander on Mars.


Read articles and news on the official Canadian Space Agency blog.


Use keywords to search the image gallery for photos and infographics.

Social media

Follow the Canadian Space Agency and astronauts on social media.

3D prints

Print 3D models: satellites, astronaut, asteroid, and Canadarm2.

Digital games and activities

Digital games, e-book, quizzes, puzzle, podcasts, cutout, 3D printing models.


Test your knowledge about space, science and the Canadian Space Agency with our fun and challenging quizzes.


Search all Canadian Space Agency videos by keyword or category.

Larkin Kerwin Library

The Canadian Space Agency's library has thousands of space-related publications in its collection.

Notices and copyright

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