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Health in space

Health Beyond, remote healthcare in space and on Earth, Connected Care Medical Modules, the Deep Space Healthcare Challenge, technologies and science, funding opportunities and news.


Health Beyond Initiative

Objective, funding, portfolio of activities and contact information.

Remote healthcare in space and on Earth: a shared reality that calls for innovative solutions

Autonomous medical care in space, shared challenges with Earth.

Health Beyond's vision for Canadian flagship: Connected Care Medical Module (C²M²)

A vision to redefine remote healthcare in space and on Earth.

Deep Space Healthcare Challenge

About the challenge, who can participate, how to participate in the competition to develop new medical technologies.

Space medicine

What is space medicine, medical support, projects, training.

Human analogue studies

Understanding the adverse effects that long missions could have on astronauts' health.

News on health in space

Latest news on health in space.

Testing technologies

List of Canadian technologies being tested on the International Space Station and innovations that could one day be used in space.

Everyday benefit of space exploration: Improving health care

Experiments performed in space help us understand health problems on Earth.

Funding opportunities

Contracts and contributions available to Canadian organizations and post-secondary students.


Exhibition demystifying the effects of space on the human body and featuring David Saint-Jacques' mission.

Videos about health in space

List of videos about health in space.

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