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Stratospheric balloons

Stratospheric balloons and flights overview, program description, STRATOS campaigns, launch base, opportunities for the Canadian space sector, and multimedia content.


About stratospheric balloons

Anatomy and capabilities of stratospheric balloons.

The CSA's program

Objectives, outcomes, partnership and contact information.

STRATOS campaigns

List of previous and upcoming STRATOS campaigns and overview of scientific experiments.

Timmins balloon base

Description of the Canadian stratospheric balloon base in Timmins.

Opportunities for the Canadian space sector

Announcement of Opportunity to integrate a payload onto a stratospheric balloon.

Zero pressure balloon and meteorological balloon – A comparative table

Comparison of the two types of balloons used during STRATOS campaigns.

Launching stratospheric balloons

How a launch day unfolds.


Images related to STRATOS.


Videos related to STRATOS.

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