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The Aqualunar Challenge

With the Aqualunar Challenge, we are looking to develop new technologies to purify Moon water for human deep-space missions which could also help advance water purification processes here on Earth.

About the challenge

Humanity is preparing to establish a long-term presence on the Moon and engage in more ambitious space missions. Water is not only essential to sustain life, but is also a critical resource for space exploration. To support the production of food, oxygen, and rocket fuel, we must find ways to remove potential contaminants in water found on the Moon.

The Aqualunar Challenge seeks to develop novel water purification technologies to be used on the lunar surface.

These innovations could help enable space missions and advance existing water purification technologies on our planet.

The Challenge is held both in Canada and the United Kingdom. It is delivered by the Canadian Space Agency in partnership with Impact Canada in Canada, and by Challenge Works on behalf of the UK Space Agency in the UK.

Who can participate?

We are calling on Canadian innovators to submit a design concept for their Moon water purification solution before .

The following groups are eligible to participate in the Challenge:

For more information on the Aqualunar Challenge and to apply in Canada, visit the Impact Canada webpage.

Interested parties in the United Kingdom may refer to Aqualunar Challenge UK for more information.

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