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Discover what satellites are. Explore the various types of satellites and their uses: Earth observation, communications, science, and astronomy.

Satellite News


What is a satellite?

Difference between natural and artificial satellites, types of satellites and their uses, service life.

Satellites serving Earth

Examples of benefits for Canadians and humanity.

Earth observation satellites

Monitoring and protecting the environment, resource management, and safety.

Communications satellites

Supporting search and rescue teams, transmitting data to ships, planes, Internet providers, and broadcasters.

Science satellites

Improving our understanding of celestial bodies and the universe, study of physics and various phenomena.

Astronomy satellites and telescopes

Study of massive stars and black holes, understanding key facts about the birth of our galaxy.

Canadian CubeSat Project

About the project, selected teams, useful information for journalists.

Earth Observation Service Continuity

Information about the initiative looking at ways to ensure continuous access to satellite imagery beyond the RADARSAT Constellation Mission.

Space in my daily life

Space technologies and satellite data play an essential role in the daily lives of Canadians here on Earth.

RADARSAT Service Desk

Messages for users, news about the RADARSAT program, access to the Service Desk, contact information.

Funding programs and opportunities

Canadian Space Agency (CSA) programs, grants and contributions, the CSA's international partners.

Satellite Images and videos

Images, infographics, and videos featuring Canadian satellites.


About the initiative.

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