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Discover satellites in our everyday lives: Earth observation, communications, science and spacecraft.

Satellite News


Earth observation satellites

Monitor and protect our environment, manage our resources and ensure safety.

Communications satellites

Support search and rescue teams, provide data to ships and planes.

Science satellites and spacecraft

Improve our understanding of celestial bodies and the universe, study physics and various phenomena.

Canadian CubeSat Project

About the project, about CubeSats, selected teams, information for media.

Space in my daily life

Space technologies and satellite data play an essential role in the daily lives of Canadians here on Earth.

Satellites in our everyday lives

Every single day, satellites are meeting the needs of multiple users, in Canada and around the world.

Funding programs and opportunities

Funding programs and opportunities at the Canadian Space Agency and its international partners.


Canadian satellite images and infographics.

Satellite Videos

Videos on Canadian satellites.

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