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Satellites in our everyday lives

Since the first satellite was launched into orbit in 1957, space technology has evolved rapidly. Today, a growing number of satellites orbit around the Earth, making various Earth observation, communications, navigation and science applications possible. While we may not always realize or acknowledge their existence, the important role these systems play in our daily lives cannot be underestimated. They contribute considerably to our well-being and enable us to achieve our objectives in new and innovative ways.

Every single day, Canadian and international satellites are meeting the needs of multiple users, in Canada and around the world. From space, they provide information and services to support global communications, the economy, security and defence, safety and emergency management, the environment and health.

As technology advances, the potential of satellites will undoubtedly continue to grow. New markets will emerge along with new opportunities to push the boundaries of what space technology currently offers.

Satellites utilization

Space serving the Arctic and the Great Canadian North

Space provides a unique vantage point from which to monitor the Arctic and respond effectively to the distinct challenges and opportunity in Canada's North.

Taking action on climate change

Satellites are valuable tools to increase our knowledge of climate change and its impacts, and thus properly target our action plans and response activities.

Agriculture in the satellite age

Thanks to satellite data, farmers can maximize the use of their lands, which in turn benefits all Canadians.

Monitoring and protecting our ecosystems from space

Using satellites, we can monitor changes and promote the responsible use of land and natural resources to protect our ecosystems and biodiversity.

Satellites and satellite-based systems: Indispensable tools to keep us safe

Satellites play a critical role supporting first responders and search and rescue teams in emergency situations.

How satellites help you stay healthy

Earth observation satellites and space science play an active role in improving the health of Canadians.

Using satellites to protect and navigate Canada's waters

Canadian satellites are providing information to help us monitor our waters and coastlines, protect them and guide ships.

10 ways that satellites helped you today

Satellites are part of our everyday lives, whether we know it or not. Here are 10 ways they've played a role in your day.

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