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Space in my daily life

What do seabirds, forests and satellites in space have in common? More than you might imagine. In fact, our planet and the environment surrounding us benefit from space research and development. Be it to improve soil use, reduce pollution or guarantee better access to drinking water, space technologies and satellite data play an essential role in the daily lives of Canadians here on Earth.

At the Canadian Space Agency, we encourage and support the development of innovative applications and solutions that help to improve the quality of life of Canadians and of all humanity.


Farmers can use data acquired through satellites and other remote-sensing methods to assess soil water content and irrigation needs.

Climate change

Using RADARSAT data, experts are able to monitor the ice and its movement.

Using the Earth's resources

Information captured from space can be used to locate oil, gas and mineral deposits, in order to better direct the development of these resources.

Forests, or Green heritage

Space technologies developed for RADARSAT play a leading role in observing and managing Canada's natural resources.

Water management and protection

Applications developed for the Canadian RADARSAT satellite enables hydrologists to locate and better manage water resources around the world.


The data obtained through MOPITT, combined with those from other instruments, made it possible to monitor the planet-wide distribution of carbon monoxide over a long period.

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