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Game – Mission: Astronaut

Watch this video to learn more about Mission: Astronaut! (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

Mission: Astronaut is a free online game to learn about space missions, astronauts, the Moon, health, astronomy and the Webb Telescope. Everyone can play, but it is designed specifically for youth in grades 3 to 6. It allows kids to learn while having fun, either at home or in school!

Play now!

If you're a teacher, you can use Mission: Astronaut in class to explore space topics with your students, support the curriculum, or reward your students between activities! It can be played using computers or tablets.

How can I use it in my class?

  1. Present it on your interactive whiteboard as part of a space or a science lesson.
  2. Complete one or two activities in your class each day as a "science capsule."
  3. Let your students play the game at their own pace during a computer lab period.
  4. Use it as a turnkey activity for substitute teachers or for students who finish their work before their classmates.
  5. Team up with a fellow teacher and have your classes compete against one another.

What kind of content will I find?

Once your students have selected their avatar and an accessory, they can select a mission to earn stars or play minigames.


The game contains dozens of short and simple activities divided into eight missions on these topics:

  • astronaut training
  • living in space
  • robotics
  • science
  • spacecraft
  • the Moon and lunar missions
  • astronomy and the Webb Telescope
  • health in space

Each mission links to lots of videos and Canadian content!

Virtual collection cards

Your students can spend the stars they have earned and collect cards from seven space collections. They can even build the solar system and learn fun facts about each celestial body!

Solar system collectibles

Solar system collectibles. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


It's time to have fun and play one of our six space-themed games! They can try our Lunar Rover game for an easy coding activity where they need to program a rover to navigate on the Moon by using coding blocks.

Example of Rover Game
Example of Rocket Game
Example of ISS Game

Three examples of minigames that can be played in Mission: Astronaut. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

How does it work?

Your students don't need an email address to play. You can register your entire class in just a few minutes!

When you sign up to create an account, 50 student keys will automatically be created for you. Simply give each of your students their own code to access the game!

Sign up!

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