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Youth and educators

Space activities and fun experiments to do in the classroom, with youth groups and at home.

Curriculum-based learning activities on the Moon for Canadian youth and educators.

Toolkits for educators and youth.

Indigenous Moon stories and lunar cycle, resources for and about First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

Digital games, e-book, quizzes, puzzle, podcasts, cutout, 3D printing models.

Posters, infographics, paper game, models, colouring sheets to download and print.

Resources for teachers, youth leaders, science centres, museums, community groups and parents.

Resources for educators in science centres and museums.

Careers, jobs and internships

Career profiles, types of jobs at the CSA and in the space sector, information about internships.

Email list

Form to subscribe to our email list for news and opportunities for youth and educators.

Postsecondary students

Funding opportunities; initiatives; information on careers, jobs and internships in the space sector.


Photos, videos, infographics, podcasts, blog, webinars, social media.

Invite a speaker or ambassador

How to invite a CSA speaker or astronaut, how to become or invite a Canadian Space Ambassador.

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities in research, space awareness and space learning.

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