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Artemis II: Destination Moon

To know more about the mission

Jeremy Hansen

About Jeremy Hansen

Learn more about CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen.

SLS Rocket with the Orion spacecraft about to launch

The Artemis II mission

Learn about Artemis II, its crew, and its flight path.

Artemis II crew


Find out how Jeremy and his crewmates train for a mission to the Moon.

Orion spacecraft

The Space Launch System and the Orion spacecraft

Learn more about humanity's ticket back to the Moon.

Jeremy Hansen at a conference

Q&A with Jeremy Hansen

Get to know Jeremy, set to take part in Artemis II.

The Moon

Moon exploration

Canada is participating in major lunar exploration initiatives.

Video camera

Information kit

News releases, backgrounder, images and videos.

Videos on a screen

Photos and videos

Photos and videos of Jeremy Hansen.



What's new with Artemis II and Moon exploration.

Destination Moon vlog

Despite two high demanding careers and crazy agendas, Catherine and Jeremy Hansen found ways to take on the Artemis II adventure with their three teenagers as a strong family unit. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA, Fulwell 73 UK Limited)

More videos about Artemis II

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