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About the RADARSAT Service Desk


The RADARSAT Service Desk is a centralized hub for useful information relating to past, present, and future RADARSAT missions. It covers a variety of topics, from technical information and documentation to tutorials and significant operational event messages. This will make it easier for you to get up and running with RADARSAT data, quickly access important information, and stay informed of the latest developments.

Additional information will be made available to vetted and Government of Canada (GC) users on a secure site in the coming months.

Type of RADARSAT data users

The RADARSAT Service Desk aims to provide additional information to users based on their data access profile.

Public users

Public users can access all available RADARSAT-1 data and some RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) data freely on the Earth Observation Data Management System (EODMS).

Vetted users

Vetted users can access significantly more RCM data on EODMS compared to public users. Vetted users are public users from non-federal government organizations, industry and academia who have undergone an authorization process. To become a vetted user, you must apply on the Canadian Space Agency website.

Government of Canada authorized users

Government of Canada authorized users can access even more RCM data via EODMS compared to vetted users, as well as to certain RADARSAT-2 data. Government of Canada employees who would like to become authorized users can contact the Government RADARSAT Data Services team.

Public or vetted users who would like to access RADARSAT-2 data

Public or vetted users who want to access RADARSAT-2 data are encouraged to contact MDA directly.

Who can obtain a Service Desk account?

Only RCM vetted and Government of Canada authorized users are eligible for a user account on the RADARSAT Service Desk.

How to access the RADARSAT Service Desk (vetted users and GC authorized users only)

A RADARSAT Service Desk account will automatically be created for you when you become an RCM vetted or Government of Canada authorized user.

If you are a Government of Canada employee but are not already an RADARSAT authorized user and would like a Service Desk account, please contact us.

If you are not a Government of Canada employee and would like a Service Desk account, please request a vetted user account. For more information as to how to become a vetted user, please consult the following page: How to become a user.

If you have any issues accessing your existing Service Desk account, please use the "forgot my password" or "forgot my username" function on the login page.

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