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RADARSAT Constellation Mission

The RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) is Canada's third generation of Earth observation satellites. Launched on , the three identical satellites work together to bring solutions to key challenges for Canadians.

To know more about the mission

What is the RCM?

Overview of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission, its characteristics and its applications.

Providing solutions to key challenges

Effective maritime surveillance, ecosystems monitoring, timely disaster management.

Meet RADARSAT users

Who uses RADARSAT data and how, applications and benefits of satellites in our everyday lives.

RADARSAT data to serve Canadians

How federal departments use RADARSAT data to serve you.

Mission milestones

A look back at RCM milestones, starting with the planning phase in .

Technical features

Components and technical specifications; comparison between RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2 and the RCM.

Access to RCM data

Access to RCM data

How to access, type of users, data policy and acceptable uses, FAQ.

Information kit

News releases, media advisories, FAQ, resources and visuals for media.


3D print model, digital game and fun activities for youth.


Photos, videos, infographics.

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