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Ordering RADARSAT-2 data

In general, commercial clients are directed to MDA's customer services while Canadian Federal Government Departments and Agencies can use the appropriate Government of Canada services.


For further information, please contact the appropriate office:

Commercial client services

MDA Geospatial Services
13800 Commerce Parkway
Richmond, British Columbia V6V 2J3
Telephone: 604-278-3411

Government client services

Canadian Space Agency
John H. Chapman Space Centre
Borough of Saint-Hubert
6767 Route de l'Aéroport
Longueuil, Quebec J3Y 8Y9
Telephone: 450-926-6452

How to order RADARSAT-2 data

RADARSAT-2 clients will be able to order products by specifying their data needs and making financial arrangements with a customer service representative, who will, in turn, work with the order handling system to define and monitor the acquisition, reception, production and delivery activities required to satisfy their client's needs.

Once the data has been successfully received and processed, requested products will be delivered to the client either through physical or electronic means, as specified by the client.

Order tools

1. The RADARSAT-2 acquisition planning tool

This tool will allow users to view existing data as well as potential acquisitions.

MDA will provide the RADARSAT-2 Acquisition Planning Tool software so users can search the RADARSAT-2 archive independently and make preliminary assessments for the data acquisitions they require.

Catalogues of available RADARSAT-2 data are available to end-users either locally, through the Acquisition Planning Tool, or by Internet on the Earth Observation Data Management System of the Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, a division of Natural Resources Canada.

2. The RADARSAT-2 order desk

The RADARSAT-2 order desk is a Web-based application. Access is provided to any distributor, department/agency or client that plans to order a large amount of RADARSAT-2 data over an extended period. The user can enter, track, and manage orders as well as acquire and process RADARSAT-2 data.

Through the order desk, users can create and modify orders, define acquisitions and product-generation activities, submit orders to the RADARSAT-2 ground segment, and track their execution in a secure environment.

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