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Saskatoon, A Prairie Winter City

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Credit: Western Heritage. Satellite image © Maxar Technologies

Saskatoon, City of Bridges, is a winter city. This image covers a portion of the University of Saskatchewan (), one of the crown jewels of the city. One of the beautiful concrete arch bridges (opened ) is just visible in the lower left corner of the image.

Winter on the Prairies brings clear blue skies. The winter exposes many features that are normally fully obscured by tree cover in the older parts of the city. In addition, the snow and shadows provide texture and illuminate topographic features that are not seen in summer imagery.

In the image one can also see footpaths through the snow that do not always align with sidewalks. The heating plant created a steam cloud in the centre of the image and a steam cloud shadow.

In the image you can see open water along the west side of the South Saskatchewan River. The river only briefly freezes over during very cold weather thanks to a little leftover heat added upstream. In addition to sunny skies, the university hosts the Canadian Light Source (the Synchrotron), which is visible near the top of the picture.

This image is courtesy of Maxar and was prepared by Western Heritage.

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