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International Space Station crew

The first International Space Station crew arrived at the Station on November 2, 2000. Since then, this orbiting laboratory has been permanently inhabited by small groups of astronauts from around the world, making it possible to maximize the Station's scientific potential.

During expeditions aboard the Station, astronauts are responsible for the following:


Representatives of the Space Station's five partner countries were aboard at the same time during Expedition 20! (Credit: NASA)

Living together in space

Members of an "Expedition" make up the Space Station's primary crew. They live there for three to six months.

Over the years, many countries have been represented aboard the Station. Americans and Russians have by far been the most numerous, but the Station also regularly has Canadian, Japanese and European astronauts in residence.

Scientists from South Korea, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and South Africa have also spent time there. The Station is a regular international adventure!

Canadian astronauts aboard

Canadian astronauts Julie Payette and Bob Thirsk

Canadian astronauts Julie Payette and Robert Thirsk made history on July 17, 2009, when they became the first two Canadians to meet in space! (Credit: NASA)

Three Canadian astronauts have taken part in long-duration missions:

Other Canadian astronauts have also travelled to the Station on U.S. space shuttle missions:

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