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Living in space

Living in microgravity has its share of daily challenges. After all, the human body was designed to work with the pull of Earth's gravity!

Fortunately, astronauts adapt quickly to life in orbit. Explore the various aspects of their day-to-day life on board the International Space Station.



Meals in orbit allow astronauts to keep up their strength and enjoy the company of their colleagues.


Sleeping in space can be challenging! In a weightless environment, astronauts cannot "lie down" to sleep.

Personal hygiene

Find out how the methods for keeping clean in space are similar to those used on camping trips!


Exercising is the most effective way to compensate for the adverse effects of microgravity on the human body.


In orbit, astronauts have a bit of free time to relax. What do you think is their favourite activity?

FAQ – Astronauts

Learn about astronauts, space, space exploration, and much more.

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