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International Space Station

About the Station, Canadian science, space robotics, crew, testing technologies, and news.



Information about the orbiting laboratory, its modules and its size.

Canadian space robotics

Canadian robotics on the International Space Station (ISS), their benefits, the Robotics Training and Mission Control Centres.

How to see the Space Station from your backyard

Find out when the Station will be visible where you live or track its path.

Canadian science

Why we do science on the Station, and past, current and future experiments.

Testing technologies

List of Canadian technologies being tested on the Station and innovations that could one day be used in space.

Comparative table – Soyuz, Starliner and Crew Dragon

Comparison of spacecraft used to transport astronauts to the ISS.

ISS News

What's new with the Station, its robots, resupply missions, Canadian science and technology testing.


Their role, how different cultures work and live together, and the Canadian astronauts who have visited the Station.

Living in space

Various aspects of daily life in orbit: eating, sleeping, physical activity, hygiene and relaxation.

Space in your classroom

Giant maps of Canada, the Tomatosphere project, and educational resources for elementary and high school students.


Photos, videos and infographics of the ISS, Canadian scientific experiments and robotics.

Watch the Station live

Watch live video feed of the crew working inside the ISS, Canadarm2 and Dextre during robotics operations.

Information kit

Media advisory, press release, infographic, video and image gallery.

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