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Basic training


When the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) selects new candidates, the aspiring astronauts must first go back to school!

All recruits must follow a three-phase training program:

  1. Basic training
  2. Pre-assignment training
  3. Mission-specific training

Following this three-phased approach,astronauts may go to space to participate in a mission.

While all candidates have exceptional profiles, their backgrounds are extremely varied. The aim of the basic training program, which lasts approximately two years, is to ensure that all astronauts attain the same level of knowledge and expertise on a wide range of subjects.

Training is primarily given in these locations:

Other training of approximately one week is also given at these locations:


The "lesson plan"

Basic training covers many subjects, including:

Obtaining the title of "astronaut"

Upon successful completion of the basic training program, astronaut candidates are officially given the title of astronaut.

Next step: Pre-assignment training!

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