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How to become an astronaut

Despite their unique journeys, all astronauts have a few things in common: an academic background in science or technology, excellent health, and a wide range of outstanding qualities and skills.

Do you think you have what it takes to become an astronaut? Go to the pages below to learn more about the process to select these space explorers.


Requirements and conditions of employment

The detailed list of requirements and skills needed to become an astronaut.

Timeline for the 2017 selection process

Read about the key steps in the candidate selection process.

About the job

Learn more about the training and tasks involved in being an astronaut, both on Earth and in space.

2009 recruitment campaign

Read the story of the 2009 selection process—a wild ride filled with thrills!

History of the Canadian astronaut corps

An overview of the astronaut recruitment campaigns that have been held in Canada.

FAQ – Recruitment

Everything you need to know about the selection process, requirements, astronauts' rate of pay, and much more.

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