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New Brunswick's Year-Round Ocean Beauty

Chaleur Bay, New Brunswick

Credit: 3D Planeta. Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel-2 data processed by ESA

This late-winter satellite image, captured on , reveals the stunning beauty of northeastern New Brunswick, where Chaleur Bay meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Embedded and almost obscured in ice at its northeastern-most meeting point is Miscou Island. In the "Bay of Warmth," as it was also known during the days of explorer Jacques Cartier, the winds, currents, and tides do their job of fracturing and melting the ice floes, careening them off the Bathurst and north shore areas, and send them spiralling into the Gulf.

Accentuation of the satellite image's false-colour bands produces a rich burgundy and magenta hue of vegetation-covered areas and a deep aqua-cyan of the frigid waters. Chaleur Bay is also a member of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club, featuring beautiful beaches, wetlands, agriculture, vineyards and tourist vistas year-round.

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