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Giraffe Meets Van Gogh in Fundy Bay, New Brunswick

Credit: Digital Earth Geomatics, UNB. Landsat 8 image courtesy of USGS

This Landsat 8 satellite image, reminiscent of Van Gogh's Starry Night, is of the famous Bay of Fundy, located off New Brunswick's southern coast (bottom of picture). The Bay is renowned for the highest tides on earth, with a range averaging more than 15 metres. It sees approximately 100 billion tonnes of water flow daily, twice as much flow as all the rivers of the world.

Pushed by the force of enormous currents, the muddy water eroded by the tides from riverbeds mixes with the clear water from ocean, forming Van Gogh's Starry Night. The landform to the lower left looks like the neck and head of a giraffe. Following the giraffe's gaze takes one out from the Chignecto sub-basin into the Bay, also appreciated for its distinctive coastal environment. It is home to unique wildlife like the endangered North Atlantic right whale, and site of the oldest discovery of dinosaur fossils in Canada. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists enjoy Fundy National Park, established in .

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