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Canadian robotics, their benefits on Earth, the Robotics Training and Mission Control Centres.



The original Canadian robotic arm, its first moves, flight history, and how it compares to Canadarm2.


About the robotic arm, its data sheet, its history, cosmic catches.


The Gateway's smart robotic system will work autonomously.

Mobile Base System

The role of this moveable work platform and its data sheet.


The tasks of this multitalented robot, its data sheet, a satellite refuelling mission simulation.


Descriptions of rovers, the technology and Lunar and Martian mission simulations.

Robotics Training Centre

The classroom and workstation where robotics training for the International Space Station (ISS) takes place.

Robotics Mission Control Centre

The Centre, its team, and how a robotics operation on the ISS unfolds.

Cameras on space robots

Diagram showing the location of cameras on Canadarm2, Dextre and the Mobile Base.

Benefits on Earth

Canadian robotics on the ISS have inspired technologies that improve our quality of life.

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