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Dextre, Canada's versatile space robot

The tasks of this multitalented robot, its data sheet, a satellite refuelling mission simulation.


About Dextre

Dextre's tasks in orbit, its specifications and how it moves on the International Space Station.

Data sheet

List of its technical specifications.

Dextre Deployable Vision System

An enhanced-vision system for Dextre to inspect the outside of the Space Station.

Fuelling up in space with Dextre

The robot has tested technologies, tools and procedures to refuel and maintain satellites in space.

Robotics Mission Control Centre

The Centre, its team, and how a robotics operation unfolds.

Robotics Training Centre

Training to operate Canadian robots using the multimedia classroom and a replica of the robotics workstation in space.

Dextre - Images and videos

See photos and videos of Dextre prior to launch, in action, and secured to Canadarm2.

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