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Robotics Training Centre

Learning how to operate Canadarm2 and Dextre occurs in part at the Robotics Training Centre of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). It is located at CSA headquarters in Longueuil, Quebec.

Hadfield at the controls of Canadarm2

CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield controls Canadarm2 from the cupola of the International Space Station. (Credit: NASA)

Two groups of people must undergo intensive training at the Robotics Training Centre:

The Centre includes:

Multimedia classroom

In the multimedia classroom, astronauts and flight controllers learn the theory behind how the robots work and how to operate them safely.

The room features:

Astronaut Jeremy Hansen training at the CSA in . The far wall features signed portraits of astronauts who have successfully completed their robotics training. (Credit: CSA)

Robotics workstation

After learning theory concepts in class, astronauts put them into practice at a robotics workstation that is a replica of the one on the ISS. It is installed in a ¾ scale model of the Destiny laboratory.

The robotics workstation includes:

These features help make astronauts more familiar with the visual and computer-based tools available to them on the ISS.

Astronauts and flight controllers who complete this phase continue the rest of their training in Houston, where they practise robotics operations specific to their missions.

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