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On , grab your eclipse glasses and get ready to be amazed

In just a few days, millions will get to witness an event so rare that it will be, for many, a once-in-a-lifetime experience: a total solar eclipse. For a few moments, while the Moon slides perfectly in front of the Sun and casts its shadow on Earth, day will turn to night. Canadian Space Agency (CSA) headquarters, located in Longueuil, will be on the eclipse's path of totality: talk about stars (or in this case, celestial bodies) aligning!

What a privilege, for a space agency whose mandate includes advancing the knowledge of space through science, to have a front-row seat at this awe-inspiring event. For young people, an event such as the total solar eclipse can be the start of a lifelong passion for space. Astronomy has been around for a long time: countless generations have looked up at the night sky, wondering about the universe and their place within it. And while we now understand the science and mechanics behind many cosmic phenomena, the universe is still full of mysteries waiting to be revealed.

This larger-than-life experience is a great moment to ponder our place in the cosmos, travelling across space on precious planet Earth. But also, it's a great reminder that nearly every aspect of our daily lives is touched and made better by space innovation. The effort, time, money and brainpower invested in space projects, such as the James Webb Space Telescope, the International Space Station (ISS) and Earth observation satellites, bring benefits back to Earth in many different forms.

So, on , grab your eclipse glasses and get ready to be amazed – in a safe and secure manner – because the next total solar eclipse in Canada won't happen until . But no need to wait 20 more years to be amazed by space: the CSA has a lot going on, more than enough to keep you entertained, educated, and inspired until then. Canadian science will continue to unfold on the ISS for many years still, CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen will go around the Moon during the Artemis II mission, the next Canadian robotic system will be delivered to the Lunar Gateway, CSA astronaut Joshua Kutryk will take part in a long-duration mission aboard the ISS, and so much more. We are just getting started!

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