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Everyday benefits of space exploration

Some examples of how space benefits Canadians and all of humanity.


Improving health care

Experiments performed in space help us understand health problems on Earth.

Protecting our planet and our environment

Satellites provide data on climate change, measure pollution, and help protect our planet.

Creating scientific and technical jobs

The space sector generates high-tech jobs for Canadians.

Improving our day-to-day lives

Space technologies improve products we use every day, weather forecasts, and communications worldwide.

Enhancing safety on Earth

Satellites data can be used to predict natural disasters and to support emergency relief efforts.

Making scientific discoveries

Scientific breakthroughs are challenging our assumptions and pushing our boundaries by exploring the unknown.

Sparking youth's interest in science

Astronauts encourage young people to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Cooperating with countries around the world

Canada is a partner of the International Space Station, a research laboratory in space.

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