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Starliner-1 mission

To know more about the mission

Joshua Kutryk

About Joshua Kutryk

Learn more about CSA astronaut Joshua Kutryk.

An Atlas V rocket is launching

The Starliner-1 mission

Learn about Starliner-1 mission, the crew and ISS missions.

An astronaut in uniform in a space capsule in water


Find out how Joshua and his crewmates are training for the mission.

Joshua Kutryk's first visit to the CSA as Canadian astronauts

Q&A with Joshua Kutryk

Get to know Joshua, set to take part in Starliner-1.

The International Space Station

International Space Station

The orbiting laboratory, how to see it from your home, the crew, robotics and experiments.

The CST-100 Starliner spacecraft in space over the South Pacific

Atlas V rocket and the Starliner spacecraft

Learn more about vehicles that will carry astronauts to the ISS.

Video camera

Information kit

News releases, backgrounders, images and videos.

Videos on a screen

Photos and videos

Photos and videos of Joshua Kutryk.



What's new with Starliner-1 and Joshua Kutryk.

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