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Gallium Arsenide and Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits

The technology

The technology comprises a line of gallium arsenide monolithic microwave integrated circuits (GaAs MMICs) that the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) developed for its RADARSAT Constellation Mission space program. This technology includes a library of close to 100 functional blocks, GaAs MMICs to be used singly or integrated into more complex circuits. CSA has developed a portfolio that includes:

The CSA functional block library contains circuits that operate over a wide frequency band and in numerous frequency bands ranging from C-band (4 - 8 GHz) all the way to V-band (40 - 50 GHz) over frequency ranges that vary depending on the individual functional block. Data sheets are available for some of these devices.

Commercial potential

All of the MMICs are fabricated using a "space qualified" process, meaning that they are capable of operation in harsh environments and offer high reliability required for space or military missions. Space grade parts require distinct screening requirements specified at the time of purchase. These requirements can also be tailored to obtain lower cost commercial grade parts. High-performance design considerations include:

The CSA MMICs will provide superior performance in aerospace, defence and commercial applications for which high reliability is a premium.

The business opportunity

This technology is now available to transfer to a Canadian company wishing to expand its own product line. Within a technology transfer package, CSA can provide:

Technology transfer details

A commercialization license for this technology is available.

The business opportunity may be referred to by its CSA case ID: 51104


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