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Business and industry

Funding opportunities, open data, licencing opportunities, success stories, COVID-19 vaccination.

Connected Care Medical Module (C²M²)

Health Beyond's Vision for Canadian Flagship


Funding programs and opportunities

List of Canadian Space Agency and international funding programs and offers.

News - Industry

What's new with the Canadian space sector industry.

Laboratories and warehouse

Laboratories and warehouse headquarters, and the David Florida Laboratory in Ottawa.

Open data and information

Code, API, applications, science and corporate data and information, hackathons.

Upcoming events

Schedule of upcoming events: exhibitions, workshops, conferences.

Success stories

Companies, researchers, students and institutions that are contributing to innovation in the Canadian space industry.

Intellectual property

Technologies available for licencing; collaborative research projects.


Corporate publications, reports to Parliament, quarterly financial reports, audits and evaluations.

Direct deposit request form for vendors

Information on direct deposit; enrollment form and instructions on how to submit it.

Canadian Space Directory

Description and contact information of organizations involved in Canada's space industry.

Notices and copyright

Copyright / permission to reproduce images and videos, privacy notice, official languages notice, accessibility.

John H. Chapman Award of Excellence

Nomination form, selection criteria, past recipients and biography of John H. Chapman.

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