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Teachers and educators

Helping you inspire Canadian youth through engaging space initiatives

Space has a unique ability to inspire young people across all genders, cultures and communities to pursue an interest and studies in STEM subjects and eventually transition into the STEM workforce.

Since we believe that helping Canadian youth is a shared responsibility, our initiatives will be tailored to the needs of teachers in the classroom, but also of educators in more informal learning settings. For us, educators can include staff, volunteers and activity leaders at various organizations (e.g. science centres, museums, youth associations, clubs and community groups) and parents (section of About Objective: Moon web page), whether or not they homeschool their kids

Giving you the support you need

Getting Canadian youth excited about STEM requires teamwork. That is why we are here to help you roll out our initiatives in your classroom, your organization or your home.

Curriculum links and age recommendations are provided for our more recent activities. Some initiatives, like those from the Objective: Moon program, will also include their own set of support tools, such as:

  • a webinar
  • a tutorial video
  • an educator's guide

And that's not all! Did you know that we provide the following free, bilingual resources?

We encourage you to follow us on social media and put yourself on our email distribution list to stay informed. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.


We believe that parents have the greatest influence on the learning and future education and career choices of their children. They have the power to encourage their children to always stay curious and spark their interest in space and STEM.

If you want to give your kids STEM learning opportunities outside of school, we invite you to go to your local science centre, library or youth organization. Also, here are some activities to consider:

We also suggest that you follow us on social media and put yourself on our email distribution list to stay connected.

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