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Digital games and activities

  • Game – Mission: Astronaut

    Complete missions and minigames on astronaut training, living and working in space, the Moon, the Webb Telescope, health and nutrition and much more!

  • Exploring Earth

    Explore our planet using photos taken by David Saint-Jacques from space and images from satellites.

  • Game – OSIRIS-REx

    Help the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft select the best site on asteroid Bennu to collect a sample that will be brought to Earth.

  • Quizzes

    Test your knowledge about space, science and astronauts with our fun quizzes.

  • 3D printing models

    Download files to 3D print your own miniature models at your school, local library or maker space!

  • Astronaut cutout

    Curious to see what you would look like as an astronaut? Use our cutout feature to find out!

  • Podcasts

    Listen to these podcasts to learn from astronauts and Canadian Space Agency experts.

  • Playlists

    Get inspired by humanity's return to the Moon with these moon-themed soundtracks.

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