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Grants and contributions

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) frequently publishes Announcements of Opportunity (AOs) through its Class Grant and Contribution Program to support research, awareness and learning in space science and technology.


The program provides funding in three main areas:


Support space-related research and development in CSA priority areas, and targeted knowledge development and innovation to sustain and enhance Canada's capacity to use space to meet the country's future needs and priorities.

Space awareness

Raise awareness of Canadian space science and technology by increasing the interest of Canadian youth and educators and their participation in related activities.


Space learning

Provide learning opportunities to Canadian students, educators and physicians in various space-related disciplines.

Who's eligible

Eligibility criteria are specific to each AO and differ for grants and contributions. Be sure to carefully read the AO that interests you to make sure that you are eligible.

Eligible recipients could be one of the following:

Eligible costs and projects

Consult the AOs to learn more about what types of projects and what costs are eligible.

How to apply

Funding will primarily be allocated through AOs posted on the CSA website. The AOs include an application form and instructions on how to apply. They also outline priorities, objectives, eligibility criteria, eligible costs and the evaluation process.

Unsolicited proposals represent projects that are in line with CSA priorities, but submitted at any time and not in response to an AO. They will be considered at the CSA's discretion and could be accepted on an exceptional basis.

It is strongly recommended to consult the CSA Centre of Expertise to discuss the project before submitting an unsolicited proposal.

When to apply

Application periods vary depending on the AO.

Be sure to check our Funding opportunities page often. AOs are also usually shared on the CSA's Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Service standards

Each AO has its own service standards, which are set within the limits of the Class Grant and Contribution Program's service standards. The CSA is committed to responding to applicants within the specified time frames.


For more information about grants and contributions, and for comments or suggestions, please contact the Centre of Expertise for Grants and Contributions.

For more information regarding a specific AO, please send an email to the address listed in the AO.

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