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Objective Moon

Curriculum-based activities, information on the Moon for educators and youth, the Moon from an Indigenous perspective, funding opportunities.


About Objective: Moon

About our curriculum-based learning activities on the Moon for Canadian youth; support offered to educators.

Learn about the Moon

Information about the Moon for educators and youth; the Moon from an Indigenous perspective.

Commanding a rover

Participate in activities on lunar science as well as code and command a rover in a simulated lunar environment.

Space brain hack

Think about space solutions, innovations and inventions for the future.

Robots and artificial intelligence

Build a smart robot using the principles of AI.

Healthy mind and body

Take part in activities linked to health and nutrition for astronauts and remote communities.


Photos, visuals, illustrations, posters and infographics related to activities for youth.


Videos and animations related to activities for youth.

Email list

Form to subscribe to our email for news and opportunities for youth and educators.

Information kit

News release, backgrounder, images and videos.

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities for education and youth STEM outreach organizations.

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