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Space Brain Hack

Registration to the Space Brain Hack is now closed. The next edition will take place from to . More details will be available in the fall!

An artist's concept of the Lunar Gateway, a small space station in orbit around the Moon. Canadarm3, Canada's smart robotic system, can be seen next to the white module. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA)

About the initiative

Our youth are the scientists, explorers and problem solvers of tomorrow, and we want them to help shape Canada's space program!

Through this initiative, young people will be presented with open-ended problems and questions about the Lunar Gateway and key space exploration themes to get them thinking about solutions, innovations and inventions for the future. The goal is to show youth the role they could play in exciting space missions by studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and choosing STEM career paths.

The 2022–2023 Brain Hack

The theme

Canada and the global space community are preparing for the Artemis and Lunar Gateway missions that will bring humans back to the Moon and later on to Mars. With these ambitious goals come changes to space missions that will require new approaches to maintaining astronaut mental health and wellness, which is the theme of this year's Space Brain Hack.

The challenge

How can astronauts maintain their mental health and well-being on long-duration journeys, potentially deeper into space? Keeping in mind constraints presented, young participants are invited to imagine a solution for one or more astronauts that will:

  • provide them with sensory simulation and a virtual escape from their work and stressful environment; or
  • help them maintain connection with family and friends and with the home planet.


Submission form

Who can participate

Youth in grades 6 to 8 and grades 9 to 12 can participate. The activity can be held in schools, youth organizations, science centres and museums across Canada, or at home.

How to participate

Educators or parents can submit the solution imagined by their young people by

Contest details

All details, including how to submit an idea, are set out in the Terms and conditions and the Educator guide.


Participants are encouraged to work in teams, but individual submissions are also accepted. Winners will be chosen for each category, namely grades 6 to 8 and grades 9 to 12, using the assessment criteria. The following prizes will be given per category:

  • The top ten (10) projects will be showcased on the CSA website.
  • The top three (3) winners will take part in a virtual work session with CSA experts where they will present their solution to them and to the other winners to receive feedback on their idea.
  • The grand prize winner will win a virtual visit from a CSA speaker or astronaut for their class, group or school (or family and friends in the case of individual submissions made outside of a school or organization setting).
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