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Using satellite data to study space weather

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is supporting nine Canadian research teams that are studying space weather so that we better understand it and are better equipped to predict and respond to its effects.

In analyzing data from instruments aboard Canadian and international satellites (sometimes combined with ground-based observations), the researchers will advance scientific knowledge and understanding of the physical processes occurring in geospace (the region of space closest to Earth) and improve our understanding of what causes space weather.

The research grants for these projects represent a total investment of $2.16 million over three years, starting in , to maximize the use and scientific benefits of satellites like Canada's CASSIOPE (ePOP) and the European Space Agency's Swarm constellation.

What will researchers study or develop?

CSA Grants and Contributions

The projects are funded under the CSA Class Grant and Contribution Program following the Announcement of Opportunity: Solar-Terrestrial Science Data Analyses.

To find out more about current CSA opportunities, visit the Funding opportunities at the Canadian Space Agency page.

Solar-terrestrial science project summaries

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