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Timmins stratospheric balloon base

Canadian stratospheric balloon launch site

The City of Timmins was selected in as the Canadian launch site because of its favourable latitude, wind and weather conditions, its low population density in key areas surrounding the city and optimal on-site infrastructure. It was the top pick in Canada for meeting the strict regulations governing high-altitude balloon launches and recovery.

In , two flights were conducted to test the French space agency's (CNES's) most recent stratospheric balloon technology. After these successful launches, both teams were back in Timmins for the first official stratospheric balloon campaign that took place from to . A total of seven balloons were launched and seven Canadian experiments were successfully completed.

There are launch bases around the world: in North and South America; Antarctica and the Arctic; and Europe, Asia and Oceania. In the past, some balloons were even released from boats!

For more information, visit the STRATOCAT site, which lists balloon launch bases and reports on flight news from around the world.

City of Timmins


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This video demonstrates the different steps involved in the preparation of a stratospheric balloon launch. The images were filmed at the Timmins Stratospheric Balloon Base, in Ontario, Canada. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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