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About STRATOS, the CSA's stratospheric balloon program

Advancing the readiness of science and technologies

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA)'s stratospheric balloon program, STRATOS, provides Canadian academia and industry with an opportunity to test and validate new technologies and perform scientific experiments in a near-space environment, while inspiring and training the next generation of experts.

STRATOS was created in 2012 through the CSA's collaboration with France's space agency, the Centre national d'études spatiales (CNES). The CSA-CNES agreement provides Canadian experts with access to French stratospheric balloon flight opportunities in Canada and abroad.


Since 2013, STRATOS has allowed 24 Canadian instruments and experiments to be launched into the stratosphere. More than 150 Canadian experts have participated in the balloon campaigns, including 80 students.


Should you have any questions regarding the STRATOS program, contact us at

This video explains the CSA's Stratospheric Balloon Program, Stratos, and its benefits to Canada. The images were taken during the first balloon campaign in 2013 that took place in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. (Credit: CSA)

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