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How to order RADARSAT-1 data

The following table lists a few things to consider when choosing a satellite data source and product. An order desk (see Contacts, below) will provide you with assistance in determining the exact specifications for your product. The terms used below are for general information only.

Order considerations
Location geographic region of interest, usually a centre point or a defined area
Acquisition period date range to search, or date/time (UTC) of a specific catalogued image
Resolution low, medium, high. Specify desired beam mode if known
Application lookup table depends on the type of information to be extracted from the data
Delivery turnaround time how quickly the data is required
Delivery turnaround time how quickly the data is required
Format CEOS and/or GEOTIFF
Processing level RAW or georeferenced. Value-added products may also be available


For more information about ordering data please contact one of the RADARSAT-1 data distributors in our contacts list.


A price list for RADARSAT-1 commercial products and services is available from MDA Geospatial Services.

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