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Fun activities

Fun activities for youth created by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and its partners about the RADARSAT Constellation Mission and other satellites.

Exploring Earth

Discover this interactive Web-based activity that uses both photos taken by CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques from space and images from Earth observation satellites.

Digital game

Help a farmer, a captain and a first responder achieve their missions using RADARSAT imagery.

Digital puzzle

Assemble a digital puzzle of a mosaic of Canada created with RADARSAT-2 imagery.

3D printing – RCM model

Download this file to 3D print your own miniature model of an RCM spacecraft at your school, local library or maker space!

RCM paper fortune teller

Test your knowledge of the RCM with a fun paper game created by MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., the prime contractor for the RCM.

RCM quiz

Complete this fun quiz to see how much you know about the RCM!

RCM paper models

Assemble RCM paper model developed by Scot Reinmann, an employee of Magellan Aerospace Ltd., the company that built critical parts of the satellites.

Colouring sheets

Print and colour images of the RCM that feature information about what it does.

Watching Over our Planet From Space

An educational kit that introduces students aged 11 to 15 to remote sensing provided by Natural Resources Canada.

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing

A tutorial on remote sensing technology and its applications for senior high school or early university level students. Provided by Natural Resources Canada.

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