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Canada's Strategy for Satellite Earth Observation

The benefits of satellite Earth observation

It is difficult to imagine going a single day without access to the satellite EO data we need to understand our planet and how it is changing. Investments in satellite EO technology and capability contribute to building a world-class space sector and enable industry, researchers, and governments to develop and deliver solutions in a wide range of sectors. Satellite EO technology is a critical enabler of the modern economy, and creates countless environmental and social benefits for Canadians.

Industry & non-profits

The use of satellite EO and geospatial information has been estimated to contribute $20.7 billion in productivity improvements to the Canadian economy annually. When businesses use satellite EO-based information and products to support their operations, they experience productivity gains and other benefits that help keep them competitive.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency in operations
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Increased employee health and safety
  • Faster and easier regulatory compliance, reporting, and certification
  • Effective risk assessment and infrastructure monitoring for climate resilience
  • Improved environmental and social licence

The satellite EO sector

The commercial, academic, and public organizations that make up Canada's satellite EO sector develop products and services that not only advance science and innovation, but also allow their customers across the country to operate more efficiently in a highly competitive market.

  • Creation of jobs in the knowledge and digital economy
  • Growth in number of STEM careers and highly qualified Canadians
  • Development of innovative tech applications and skillsets
  • Contributions to scientific excellence and discovery
  • Enhancement of international reputation
  • Development and commercialization of breakthrough technologies

Society & environment

The use of satellite EO technology supports foundational services to Canadians and enables a safe and sustainable modern society. It is increasingly being used to advance public health research and disease prevention.

  • Responsible resource development
  • Clean water
  • Healthy Canadians
  • Sustainable agriculture and food security
  • Security and sovereignty
  • Climate change action and resilience
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Arctic environmental stewardship

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